1. Inside Out

Riley eating broccoli was changed to green peppers in Japan.

2. Inside Out

For some countries, hockey was changed to soccer in her dad’s mind so that cultures would be able to relate more closely to the film.

3. Up

For the international version of the film, the dream jar of Carl and Ellie’s was replaced with a picture instead of the written text “Paradise Falls”. This is to save the efforts on translation.

4. Monster University

Similarly, they switched out the writing on Randall’s cupcakes since it’s not easy to fit the letters in different languages to the same number of cupcakes.

5. Toy Story 2

When Buzz was giving his inspiring speech, there’s an American flag in the background and the national anthem played. For the international version, the flag was replaced with a globe and the music was changed to a song called “One World Anthem”.

6. Wreck-It Ralph

The name of the character Minty Zaki was inspired by the famous Japanese film director Hayao Miyazaki. In the Japanese version of the film, her hair and outfit were changed to kimono style.

7. Zootopia

During the scene of the news show, there’re two animals being the hosts. However, the moose was replaced by other animals in other countries.